All Hallow's Eve
A fabulous Fall scent, this fantastic blend of apples, spice, citrus and pumpkin is very homey and comforting.

Amber & Musk
A rich & intoxicating fragrance with a combination of vanilla, citrus,heliotrope, coumarin and jasmine with a dry down of amber, patchouli, vanilla & musk. This is a soft, mysterious type scent.

Apple Cinnamon
A very clean, crisp scent, this is a fantastic blend of crisp red MacIntosh apples blended with swirls of cinnamon.

Apple Jack & Peel
Warms your home with the aroma of baked apples, cinnamon sticks, spices, lemon and orange peels. A Fall & Winter favorite. Very strong.

Atomic Fireball Cinnamon
Remember the big red candy that was so hot, you had to switch it from cheek to cheek to avoid the burn? This is a very strong cinnamon scent.

Baby Powder
This one will remind you of a true baby powder. An outstanding scent.

Banana Nut Cake
Warm right from the oven banana cake mixed with chopped walnuts. Once you pour this your family will think you're baking the real thing, it's that authentic.

Barbershop Memories
This blend of bay, rum and amber will remind you of days past.

Bay Rum
The perfect gentlemen's scent! The smell of rum with citrus, vetiver & cedar. The base has a touch of vanilla, balsam and woody notes.

A true Christmas bayberry.

Blackberry Crisp
This is an absolutely delicious bakery scent that will make your mouth water! Warm and juicy cooked blackberries on a bed of various spices with a vanilla crisp topping.

Blue Raspberry
The sweet, soft scent of blue raspberries that have been ripening in the summer sun. Fresh, fruity and relaxing.

Candy Apple (Winter Type)
Sweet, crisp red apple with notes of sweet orange and hints of pineapple, cinnamon and vanilla.

Caramel Cinnamon Latte
A fabulous new coffee blend that even people who do not like coffee will love!!! This is a delicious blend of creamy vanilla, spicy cinnamon, hot sweet caramel and fresh, home brewed coffee. A wonderfully rich and creamy aromatic blend.

Carribean Holiday
A delicious blend of raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and mountain berries with a touch of vanilla.

Carrot Cake
A secret recipe of home-made spice cake with cinnamon, clove, bits of orange, coconut and carrot then covered in a rich cream cheese frosting.

Celtic Moonspice
A wonderful blend of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

Christmas Cookie
Vanilla, milk, sugar and spice. Add a few sprinkles and you'll be ready for the holidays.

Christmas Pines
A very strong, straight pine scent.

Christmas Splendor
This is a wonderful holiday scent. Spiced cranberries, apples and citrus will quickly get you in the Holiday spirit.

Christmas Wreath (Type)
A very strong balsam and pine blend that will make you think you have a real wreath hanging over your fireplace!

Citrus Linen (Type)
An incredibly clean fresh scent. Blends of zesty lemon and lime touched with orange blossom and lemongrass in a base of jasmine and powdery musk.

Citrus Sponge Cake
A light and lucious sponge cake blend made with orange juice, grated lemon, orange zest and vanilla extract. A yummy treat any time of the year.

Clean Cotton
A wonderfully clean, fresh linen scent. Very strong.

Coffee Cake & Spice
A rich buttery coffee cake blended with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla topped with crushed nuts. Yum!

Country Clothesline
This will you remind you of clothes hanging on the line touched by the country air. Clean and fresh.

Cranberry Cobbler
A rich, delicious blend of both sweet and sour red cranberries topped with brown sugar in a pastry crust.

Crystal Blue Waters (Type)
The refreshing aroma of hyacinth, hydrangea flowers, and lily of the valley; rounded out with ozony notes of fresh green ferns, vetyver, and cyclamen. Very clean and fresh.

Eucalyptus Spearmint
A refreshing blend of eucalyptus & spearmint from our Aromatherapy Collection.

Flannel Sheets
A fresh linen/clean cotton type that will leave you smiling. This scent has the beautiful aroma of fresh clothes just pulled from a sun drenched drying line.

French Vanilla
A thick, rich and creamy sweet vanilla.

French Vanilla & Oak
A rich and powerful scent, this is reminiscent of a classic, sophisticated Vanilla liqueur infused with rich oak.

Fresh Cut Tulips
The most realistic and true tulip scent anywhere. A very intense, strong floral.

Fresh Floral Honeydew
This is a fresh, delicious fragrance which has a fruity mix of pineapple, sweet watermelon, strawberries and apples with a light background of jasmine, violets and pansies. This is a wonderful spring / summer scent.

Fresh Floral Linen
A fresh, clean floral blend of jasmine, musk, vanilla, lilac and peony in a soft powdery base.

Fresh Linen
Fresh and clean like clothes from the dryer.

Fresh Squeezed Oranges
Juicy, ripe oranges - pure, heavenly citrus!

Grandma's Kitchen
A popular blend of apple, cinnamon and spice reminiscent of holiday baking.

Green Apple
The most awesome green apple you'll ever smell – very strong.

Hawaiian Hibiscus
Delightful fresh floral bouquet of Hawaiian hibiscus infused with sprigs of lavender and sweet violets kissed softly by sunlit green citrus notes.

Hawaiian Plumeria
The Hawaiian flower used in leis, this scent is a strong yet smooth floral.

Hawaiian Sandalwood
Blended to exact replication of the most fragrant of all Sandalwoods, the Hawaiian Sandalwood is a musky soft, and wonderful fragrance. Not a harsh fragrance as most Sandalwoods, but a touch of sweetness. If you have never tried a true Hawaiian Sandalwood fragrance, this is your chance!

Hawaiian White Ginger
A native Hawaiian plant known for its enticing sweet and spicy fragrance.

Holiday Wassail
A warm and zesty punch popular during the Christmas holidays, this fabulous blend of mulled apple cider, pineapple and sweet orange citrus is touched with spicy cinnamon and cloves!

The brisk fresh scent of a holly bough.

Home for the Holidays (Type)
A great blend of pine, cinnamon, cedar wood, cloves, orange, cherry and tangerine.

Hot Apple Pie
The perfect blend of apples, spices and piecrust fresh from the oven.

Juniper Breeze
A mild green floral with citrus, jasmine, cyclamen and fresh juniper mixed together with a spicy musk base.

Kai (Type)
A blend of tropical gardenia and white exotic flowers.

A tart, tangy citrus scent which will remind you of a freshly peeled juicy orange.

A sensual flower thought to have relaxing and romantic abilities.

Lavender & Vanilla
A blend of relaxing lavender and calming vanilla.

Lemon Curd
This English classic combines fresh, zesty lemons, warm vanilla extract and a hint of sugar blended with fresh cream. It's a refreshing and mouthwatering blend of tart and creaminess.

Lemon Sugar
A refreshing blend of tart lemons mixed in a light whipped cream topped with sweet vanilla crystals!

The sweet smell of lilac bushes blooming in the spring.

Lily of the Valley
A strong floral just like the flower.

Lovespell (Type)
A best seller in our body products, this classic scent is a favorite with all ages. A blend of grapefruit, orange and ozone touched with melon, apple and kiwi in a jasmine base.

Macintosh Apple
Crisp, red juicy apples fresh off the tree.

Madagascar Spice
An exotic blend of saffron, allspice, nutmeg, clove with a touch of vanilla makes this a great unisex fragrance.

Mama's Blueberry Cobbler
An inviting aroma of mouthwatering baked blueberries and vanilla.

Mandarin Mimosa
A wonderful blend of mandarin orange, citrus, peach, strawberry & pink grapefruit mixed with the fruity yet floral bouquet of lilac, apple, jasmine, hawthorn, sweet mimosa, dew fruit, plum, sweet raspberry and vanilla. Fresh, clean and fabulous!

Merlin's Forest
This is an amazing blend. In the same family as amber, this is a sensuous, woodsy scent like a walk in an enchanted forest, rich and lush.

Moonlight Path (Type)
A seductive, sensual, silky fragrance which is very addictive.

Mountain Lake
Clean, crisp and fresh, this scent will remind you of mountain streams.

Mulberry Spice
A strong mulberry scent enhanced with cinnamon, wild berries and orange peel.

Mystic Woods
Enchanting and delightful! This scent has sweet notes of citrus, peach & bergamot with rose, cassis, ylang & spicy carnation with a dry down of amber, incense, moss and patchouli with a touch of sweet vanilla.

Northwoods Christmas
A special blend of fresh wintry balsam and spiced cranberries.

Nutty Spiced Vanilla
A very unusual blend of rich roasted nuts, spices and creamy vanilla.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
A rich blend of oatmeal touched with toasted almonds, honey and a splash of milk make this a true comfort scent. This scent has a base of amber, oakmoss and spice, leading into vanilla, orange blossoms and soft musk.

Ocean Mist
A very fresh scent with salty clean undertones.

Of A Woman
This fragrance is a sweet bouquet of wild jasmine, peony, lavender and wildflowers with a base of warm musk and exotic woody notes. Very feminine.

Old Fashioned Christmas
A sweet citrus, cinnamon and clove blend. This warm holiday scent reminds you of goodies baking in the kitchen, and a little hint of Christmas tree.

Olive Blossom
A beautiful blend of hyacinth, carnations, white grapefruit, olive blossoms and cyclamen violets lying on a bed of baby rosebuds and musk.

Orange Blossom
The delicate floral scent of the orange tree in full blossom.

Orange Cranberry
A delicious blend of oranges and cranberries during the holiday season.

Ozark Forest
A fantastic, clean blend of cedar, pine and fir like standing in the forest. Great unisex fragrance.

Pearberry (Type)
A wonderful blend of juicy pears, crisp red apple, fuzzy peaches with just a touch of ripened melons.

Pineapple Ginger
Juicy fresh pineapple kissed by ginger.

Pink Hydrangea (Type)
Sweet fragranced petals of summer hydrangea blooms! This very strong fragrance is a favorite for Spring and Summer!

Pink Sugar (Type)
Our #1 seller for 'tweens and teens'. A sweet, fun blend of strawberry candy, raspberry, scillian orange, fig leaves, vanilla and caramel in a light musk base.

Pumpkin Cheesecake
A must have for cheesecake lovers! A scrumptious, mouth-watering blend of creamy pumpkin, subtle spices, vanilla, and cream cheese with a hint of graham cracker crust.

Pumpkin Nog
An intense pumpkin spice blended with creamy rich eggnog. Very rich and delicious.

Purely Herbal
Clean and fresh, this will remind you of Herbal Essences shampoo.

A beautiful, mysterious, sexy blend of amber, myrrh, sandalwood and vanilla.

Rosemary Mint
A soothing blend of rosemary and mint from our Aromatherapy Collection.

Ruby Red Grapefruit
An invigorating and stimulating scent.

Rustic Rose
A heavy rose with a touch of wildflowers and carnations.

Sandalwood Rose
Delicate, soft rose petals complimented by warm, sweet sandalwood make a romantic, exotic combination.

Scotch Pine
A fresh Christmas tree scent.

Southern Pecan Pie
A mouthwatering classic dessert of the American South. You can almost taste the creamy butter, Georgia pecans, and real whipped cream.

Spiced Apple
A strong, tangy, tart and very spicy apple scent.

Spiced Cranberry
A crisp tart cranberry with a spicy flair. Very strong scent.

Spiced Pumpkin
Hot pumpkin pie drenched in cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. A great holiday scent.

Spiced Pumpkin Chutney
This is a 'must have' autumn fragrance blend of perfectly spiced pumpkin with a touch of citrus.

Spiced Sugar Plums
A very strong, powerful plum spiked with a touch of cinnamon.

Spicy Winter Sensations
A fabulous holiday blend of pine, cranberry, apples and spice.

Spirit of Christmas
A fantastic blend of Christmas spices, woods and sweet fruity notes with a touch of sweet vanilla and balsalm fir.

Sugar Cookie
The sweet, sugary warm aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies. Delicious!

Sunwashed Linen
The scent of freshly washed linen dried outdoors on a beautiful warm, sunny afternoon.

Sweet Peas & Cream
Sweet pea, lily of the valley, summer melons and apple blended with white jasmine and tea rose, touched with velvety musksand softened with hints of creamy vanilla. A floral lovers dream.

Sweet Pumpkin
Creamy pumpkin with a light touch of clove, cinnamon and ginger in a base of creamy, sugary-sweet vanilla.

Tangerine Spice
A delicious blend of tangerine, cinnamon and white spices.

Tis The Season
A blend of holly and berries with a twist. We have added a touch of balsam and spice to make this a wonderful holiday oil.

Tropical Fruit Slices
A sweet and tangy blend of a variety of tropical fruits. This one is strong!

Tropical Rain
An exotic blend of tropical fruits and flowers kissed by a fresh rain.

Tropical White Musk
A warm and mysterious blend of musk, lily, ylang ylang and amber that come together with peach, oakmoss and a bit of the tropics.

Ultimate Vanilla
A heavy, warm, rich and creamy vanilla. Very strong.

Vanilla Bean
A rich, creamy and full bodied vanilla reminiscent of true vanilla beans.

Vanilla Hazelnut
The sweet, rich Italian nut blended with just the right touch of vanilla.

Vanilla Lace (Type)
Hate vanilla? You'll love this one! Seductive, heady and intoxicating, this is a vanilla with a secret.

Vanilla Sandalwood
An awesome blend of earthy sandalwood and sweet vanilla with musky, amber nuances. A very sultry, smooth, romantic fragrance.

Warm Vanilla Sugar (Type)
A soft blend of African vanilla beans sweetened with sandlewood and coconut, touched with a background of white flowers.

Wisteria Whispers
This scent will remind you of beautiful clusters of wisteria flowers touched by the warm summer breeze.

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